The Winemaker 



Sam Soroka is the chief winemaker of the Jerusalem Vineyard Winery. He was born in Canada and graduated in Food Science at McGill University in Montreal and then studied oenology at Adelaide University in Australia. He is one of the most experienced winemakers in Israel having made wine in no less than five different countries. He has made wine in Australia, California, Canada, France and Israel.

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He first came to Israel in 2003. He was head hunted by Carmel Winery to open their new boutique winery at Zichron Ya’acov Cellars. Then he transferred to Rishon Le Zion Cellars, then the largest winery in Israel. After this he moved to Mony Winery and was winemaking consultant to Kerem Montefiore. In each place, he initiated a turn-around, and his wines won acclaim in both the Israeli and international press. His wines also won awards at the very highest level.

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Now Sam Soroka is making award winning wines at the Jerusalem VW. He has initiated changes in the vineyard management, introduced new technology and equipment at the winery, and makes wine in a sensitive, artistic manner, always seeking to let the wine express itself and the local terroir. He makes a full range of wines from fruit forward, easy to drink wines representing great value, to rich, complex, handcrafted wines, which are amongst some of the finest wines in Israel.cd0637bb-b81d-4a98-9663-38ac62c327dd