Jerusalem Wineries use the best quality grapes to produce excellent wine and juice.
Our cellar has state of the art wine-making facilities, promising excellent quality wine.
The vineyards of Jerusalem Wineries are located in prime wine-growing areas, and are carefully nurtured by experienced vintners.
Jerusalem Wineries produces a range of quality wines, from different wine- growing areas. each wine is characterized by its own aromas and flavors.


Jerusalem Wineries was established in 1976 and in 2006 acquired by the Guetta family.
The winery is located in northern Jerusalem and produces a wide variety of wines.
Jerusalem Wineries Wines are marketed in Israel and world-wide and have received
awards and recognitions in various competitions.


Jerusalem Wineries produces a range of quality wines, which are characterized by a
variety of aromas and tastes, from these different wine-growing areas. We are proud to
present our two exceptional wine ranges; Jerusalem Series and Classic Series.

Grape Juice

Jerusalem Wineries produces the best quality grape juice that is 100% natural and
made from a variety of choice grapes. The combination of these varieties gives these
aromatic juices scarlet hues. Our juices has a unique taste, and is suitable for Kiddush and

Gift Packages

A selection of our most prestigious wine packages are tailor-made to every budget and gift requirement.